Family Law and Mediation

Family ties are thought to be the most private and enduring relationships in society. As most can attest, however, these relationships are rarely free from conflict. When domestic issues cannot be solved within the home, family law seeks to restore order and provide a fair resolution for all parties involved.

For many, family law is thought to be synonymous with divorce proceedings. In reality, divorce is just a small part of family law which covers a broad array of domestic issues including adoption, premarital agreements, paternity and child support issues.

When legal action is necessary to resolve familial matters, it is essential that you entrust your most private matters to a competent, diligent and hardworking attorney.  The attorneys and staff at the Hemphill Law Group will work tirelessly to meet your legal needs.  

Child Custody
When children are involved, the resulting issues are even more complex as custody and child support issues come to the forefront. To ensure that a fair arrangement, based upon the children’s best interests, is reached, you should contact a knowledgeable family lawyer.

Child custody is a broad term that often includes legal and / or residential factors, parenting time, support and other issues.  At the heart of any family law matter involving a child, the Child's best interests are paramount.

Divorce proceedings usually involve intense emotions and significant expense. Our attorneys will work with you throughout the divorce process to minimize the stress normally associated with these proceedings.

We will work closely with you to guarantee that your rights are protected and to ensure you receive a fair and reasonable process.


Our law firm will work with you through voluntary mediation or Collaborative Law Practice (sometimes referred to as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)). During this process, both you and your spouse will meet with a mediator in our firm to help resolve issues by facilitating an agreement among all parties. With ADR, there is complete disclosure and no litigation.  Many individuals prefer this method as it tends to be faster, less costly and produces a more amicable outcome.  Research has proven that an agreement reached by the parties with some facilitation and guidance by a mediator is far more likely to be successful years into the future.  These mediation sessions often teach clients how to recognize and resolve conflicts on their own in the future.

Family law raises emotional and legal challenges for all parties involved. In such cases, it is essential that you surround yourself with trusted legal counsel and experienced mediators. The Hemphill Law Group can serve your needs whether you wish to proceed through suit or mediation. 

Our law firm is located in Elkton, Maryland and represents clients in Cecil County, Maryland and Southeastern Pennsylvania, both in State and Federal courts.

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